Our Mission: Farms and Food Forever.

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture is Canada’s largest voluntary farm organization representing the interest of Ontario farm families. As a farmer-led organization we understand farm issues and we champion the interests of Ontario’s farming community with governments and the public. We are the voice of Ontario farmers for a sustainable farming and food sector.


Voice your support for natural gas expansion

Rural Ontario needs affordable energy. Natural gas is the single most important investment that will give farms, businesses and rural residents the competitive edge to drive growth. Natural gas is a clean, affordable energy source that is readily available in urban Ontario. It’s time for the government to provide the infrastructure to rural Ontario to access natural gas opportunities and jumpstart rural growth.

Access to natural gas for rural Ontario will significantly reduce energy costs for farms, businesses and rural communities. It’s an important way to keep rural Ontario competitive and growing.

If natural gas were accessible across the province, farmers, businesses and rural residents would save more than $1 billion in annual energy costs. It’s time the provincial government commits to a real investment in natural gas infrastructure across rural Ontario.

Talk to your MPP about the need for natural gas in rural Ontario and add your voice to the issue at actnow.ofa.on.ca.

For more information on this issue, visit ontarioruralgrowth.ca.