Our Mission: The Ontario Federation of Agriculture enables prosperous and sustainable farms.

OFA is Canada’s largest voluntary farm organization representing the interest of Ontario farm families. As a farmer-led organization we understand farm issues and we champion the interests of Ontario’s farming community with governments and the public. We are the voice of Ontario farmers for a sustainable farming and food sector.


Save big with the OFA Fleet Discount Program

OFA member offer: Chrysler Canada is now offering fleet incentives for their 2015 models. The OFA Fleet Discount Program could help members save thousands of dollars on the purchase of 2014 and 2015 Chrysler Jeep and Dodge Ram fleet vehicles. These discounts are only available for fleet purchases under the OFA Fleet Discount Program.

Please note Chrysler Canada will no longer build 2014 models and members will only be able to purchase vehicles out of dealer inventory.

To successfully access the program, OFA members will need to: 
Provide their local Chrysler dealership with their OFA membership card, HST number and the OFA Fleet Administration Number (FAN) G4369.

Find the Chrysler make and model of your choice and view your savings using the 2014 OFA Fleet Discount/Concessions list or 2015 OFA Fleet Discount Concessions list.

For more information, please contact OFA Member Relations at 1-800-668-3276.