Our Mission: The Ontario Federation of Agriculture enables prosperous and sustainable farms.

OFA is Canada’s largest voluntary farm organization representing the interest of Ontario farm families. As a farmer-led organization we understand farm issues and we champion the interests of Ontario’s farming community with governments and the public. We are the voice of Ontario farmers for a sustainable farming and food sector.


GM Canada announces 2016 fleet discount program

GM Canada has announced its 2016 fleet incentive program for OFA members. 

OFA members can now take advantage of deep discounts on the purchase of select new 2016 Chevrolet and GMC models. The OFA General Motors fleet program continues to offer exclusive savings on 2015 Chevrolet and GMC fleet vehicles. This offer is available for OFA members at GM dealers across Canada.

To cash in on the OFA General Motors fleet program, OFA members must bring a signed OFA-General Motors fleet program letter, available by calling OFA member relations at 1.800.668.3276, to their GM dealer.

For more information on the new GM Canada fleet vehicle discounts, contact OFA at 1.800.668.3276 or info@ofa.on.ca.